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One Click to hundreds of photos simultaneously resized, renamed, Exif data wiped and then zipped and with a separate PDF Photo Report Created!

The careers of many people include the task of taking dozens, if not hundreds, of photos every day.  Before too long these pictures become very difficult to manage. For example, it’s not hard to send 1 photo or 2 photos to a client via email, but what do you do when there are a dozen or hundreds of them? With this in mind, PicPal was created by software developer Stephen Hadhazi, who is also a public insurance adjuster.  PicPal makes it simple and easy to manage your pictures. PicPal allows you to:

  • Bulk Photo Resizing of entire folder of one or hundreds of photos simultaneously.  Quickly reduce the file size for ALL photos held within a single folder without affecting the original photos. Choose between 5 different image sizes of 320x240 to 1920 x 1080.  Once the photos have been reduced, they are stored in a folder labeled “PicPal Output”. Your original pictures are never altered in any way.
  • Automatic Zip File Creation.  PicPal will create a separate zip file containing these resized photos, automatically as the photos are being re-sized. Zip (compressed) files can take up slightly less storage space, but more importantly, the single Zip file can be transferred to other computers more quickly than multiple single files.  Many Email Providers restrict the size of incoming and outgoing email attachments to 25 MB and some far less.  Email providers can also restrict the number of attachments in one email. By automatically creating a ZIP file, you are reducing the number of files being sent and helping to ensure that the file makes it through the email filters.  Make sure that your pictures actually get to your intended recipients by using the “Create ZIP” feature inside of PicPal.
  • PDF Photo Report. PicPal will allow you to choose the number of photos to place per page (one, two, or three photos per page). The Create PDF feature has an option where you can label each photo with its file name. This allows for greater communication between you and the PDF’s recipient. For example, if you are discussing the case on the phone, you can refer to each photo by its name such as, “Take a look at the picture labeled ‘Joe Jones 35.’”
  • Bulk Rename Entire Folder of pictures.  Automatically rename every single image in a folder with a file name of your choice. E.g., if the name of your client is James Appleton, each file in the specified folder can be renamed “James Appleton 1,” “James Appleton 2,” “James Appleton 3,” and so on.
  • Auto-Erase all date/time and other unwanted data from all photos in a folder.  Automatically remove hidden data, commonly referred to as “Exif data” from the photos. This Exif data contains many different types of information about the picture such as the time and the date the picture was taken, its size, resolution, F-stop info, Camera Model, etc. This information takes up space and is be removed automatically when processing your photos through PicPal. Nothing done to the processed images will every affect your original images inside of your PicPal project.  .



While many people can quickly start using it, PicPal includes free training videos that walk you through every step of the program here on our Youtube Channel (Be Sure To Subscribe!).

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PicPal® Photo Management Software has a free 3-day fully functional trial license. You can then lease PicPal at the end of the trial for $50 per year. Register for your free trial of PicPal® today and stop doing extra work!